Sumire Shiraishi AV Star: from Madonna AV to Attackers AV

It’s amazing how the Japanese AV companies usually recruit their stars. Usually their recruiters hang around public places like railway stations, trying to find suitably attractive older women to make friends with and recruit to the world of adult video (AV). JAV MILFS (Japanese Adult Video Mother’s I’d love to Fuck) are a key feature of the adult entertainment market in Japan. The mature stars of these videos (available at are usually persuaded by the attention they get from younger men, plus the money they can make. However, Sumire is different, because according to her interview with DMM News, she went looking to do AV work by googling (we assume) MILF porn. The Japanese call MILF porn jukujo porn. Her interview story is told on our YOUTUBE channel which is part of our Twitter Account.


Whilst Madonna AV specialises in soft and sensual fucking with MILFS, with the occasional gangbang, Attackers AV originally an independent studio, specialises in simulate rape, torture and bondage. Madonna AV will give a girl the chance at a three man gangbang that is portrayed as consensual, but Attackers is a lot harder in its portrayal of sex and how the woman accepts being treated. That’s what makes Sumire Shiraishi’s move to Attackers AV very interesting, because she’s a soft, supple bodied, sensuous lady, a masochist by her own admission, but not the sort you’d think of as loving being fucked in rape scenes! This is what makes this lady perfect and lovely.


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