Are Japanese Pornstars whores?

The similarities between a pornstar (AV star) and a whore are obvious. Both are sex workers in the sense they sell sexual intercourse or sexual acts for cash. In Japan unlike other nations AV stars can be famous in bands, on TV, in TV shows and mainstream media, because AV stars are looked on differently in Japan than in other nations. This is hardly the case with American, British or European pornstars, who rarely get to mainstream media. Sex workers also come in a variety of types, from Page 3 girls in the Sun newspaper, who go topless, pornographic magazine models who show their muff, fanny or complete vagina and anus, or even do hardcore, to those who do softcore porn films, and on to hardcore porn, involving extreme sex (such as large scale gangbangs involving all orifice entry).

In Japan though sex is not seen as dirty, but a pleasurable aspect of everyday existence. The usual moral codes of the western Christian based world do not apply here. Here fucking is natural, and if it is done for money, so what? Whores are not looked down on. Pornstars are to be admired, not seen as dirty girls. A girl in the UK who doesn’t have too many sexual relationships defines herself as a ‘good girl’. If she is reluctant to be asked how many people she’s slept with and has to lie, then you know she’s not a ‘good girl’, and she’s probably a slut, trollop, tart, or whore. In Japan this is not a problem as women don’t have to define themselves as such. Courtesans, prostitutes and such like are seen as part of society. They are thus quite normal, as it should be.

The differences are that for most pornstars sell their acting and sexual performance to a perceived audience. They are essentially directed into taking up various positions. The director also has a script that they will use during both sex and non-sex roles that he will expect them to utilise. However, penetration is still penetration, and cum is still cum. They are still having sex, but the person they need to satisfy is not usually themselves or their sexual partner(s) but he Director, who is paying them the money.

Now the above might be very true for younger pornstars that come to the business looking to make money. Girls like Yui Hatano who have always been doing porn probably after a short modelling career, establish themselves as top AV stars (pornstars) by the fact they can satisfy their directors and even win awards. They are probably less concerned with their own sexual gratification though it probably (in Yui’s case) is also important.

Women who approach porn companies to do MILF work are a different kind of AV star. They know they must satisfy the director, the company and the audience (who will soon hopefully be their fans) but they are not always in it purely for the money. They want the sexual satisfaction their husband doesn’t give them. They want the excitement of secretly being fucked by multiple men and watched and filmed by others. They like being told what to do when fucking, it’s a turn on being bossed around by an important powerful director, who wants the fucker to take you from behind and roger you till you cum, or do a simulated raped scene with your legs up over the fucker’s shoulders. However, whatever they choose to call themselves, they are still whores, the worst kind for they married, adulterous, fornicating whores, who are gagging for sex and need it so badly they’ve decided to combine it to make some money.


Which of the sex workers we listed above is a whore and not a whore? The definition of a whore is a promiscuous woman. The definition includes prostitutes who are defined who sell their bodies (it does not say how). The definition of promiscuous is someone who is characterised as having transient and numerous indiscriminate relationships.  Generally pornography is considered as printed or visual material (videos) containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate sexual excitement. A British topless page 3 girl by these definitions is thus a whore because she intends her body to put a smile on the face of the reader, due to providing them with a sexual stimulus (her naked breasts). This in fact is selling her body, even though no actual sexual act has taken place. The result though is the same as if it did! Thus all sex workers are whores if we define it as such.

As her top fans, we hope that Sumire Shiraishi is going to stay in the sex and particularly AV industry a long time and get fucked in gangbangs and all kinds of hardcore sex. She is the ultimate AV MILF in Japan. The cream of the crop. The Jewel of Japan.




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