Why Sumire Shiraishi 白石すみれ is the best in Japan

There are many AV (Adult video) stars in Japan. In the West they are called pornstars. There are what we would know and recognise as hi-class, average and not so great pornstars in terms of their performance and abilities to elicit sexual arousal amongst the audience. Hi-Class would be people like Maria Ozawa, Hitomi Tanaka and Yui Hatano etc. Medium would include Ai Mukai or Airi Kijima. At the lower end there are lots more girls who either are not named or just not very attractive.

Where does Sumire Shiraishi 白石すみれ fit on this list? It is our opinion she is ULTRA-Hi-Class. For a start she has a softness that is unparalleled. She also has a flexibility. Then there is her natural beauty, the fact she cums in reality in every fuck, multiple times, and her orgasmic ability to do rape simulations and gangbangs.

Sumire though has what I call raw sex appeal. It’s something you cannot always describe. It goes beyond the normal beauty of the lady, to something that she creates with her every movement. She moves like she is gagging for sexual intercourse and just cannot wait for a man to  fuck her at every opportunity, even acting in simulated rapes for gangbang situations with more than one man present.

The ultimate AV girl though also is not aware of the camera, and Sumire definitely has control. She is completely focused on the fuck and the moment, the power of the sex pulses through her body, producing multiple orgasms that us viewers can clearly see. This focus is rarely found in pornstars. It does not always apply to pornographic scenes involving sex, but can also apply to merely posing nude and being filmed. Maria Ozawa and Yui Hatano have it as does Lexi Lowe or Emily Thorne.

There is also the nature of Sumire Shiraishi, who in her gangbang film with Madonna AV showed a deep down nymphomaniac attitude to getting hammer fucked by up to 3 guys at a time. This is found in other girls but with Sumire it is thrilling because she is so pure looking, so demure, and yet has a raving passion hiding beneath her skin, no doubt due to not being fucked often enough by her husband! (As she suggested she sleeps in separate beds in her interviews.)

I cannot wait to see her next movie hopefully with Attackers! I hope they give her a proper gangbang!



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