Two-Thirds of Retired AV stars become Prostitutes!

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Japanese adult pornography makes up of 20% of worldwide revenue and grows each year. With that growth more and more stars are joining to become pornstars. Many of these are older ladies, or mature women, like Sumire Shiraishi. What happens to them after they retire?

Many will just stay as normal housewife’s and continue their mundane existence as they care for their children. Many do this even when they are pornstars between shoots. However, some use their new found fame to make even more money than they do in pornographic movies.

Of course not every pornstar enters the world of AV just for the cash. Some like the idea of having sex in front of other people, particularly male cameramen and directors. It gives them a massive turn on.

There are 6000 newcomers (or is that new cummers?) each year. Having had a spell getting their clothes off and getting fucked for cash whilst doing a bit of acting, they find out that they are now financially independent. However, directors and producers like ‘new meat’ to exploit so they won’t always carry on hiring them unless of course they have proved extremely popular! Some ladies go back to being boring wives and mothers. Others though having enjoyed themselves decide to carry on their business in another format.

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That format is best described as becoming prostitutes, usually high-class if they have the looks. They don’t want to go back to being secretaries, or relying on their husband. About two-thirds of them retire from AV but go on to working in hostess bars and prostitutes in soap-land bath houses, or providing delivery health. These pornstars are trapped in the profession of prostitution because after all that is what an AV star really is: a whore!

The lure of the glamour, the loss of being paid loads of cash, and being forced to work for nothing (looking after their husbands) or $20 to $30 a day is such a massive come down that they need cash. The quickest way to plug that financial hole is to get loads of cocks to plug their holes in rampant hard fucking by a host of random clients; getting pounded for cash in their tight pussy is a sure way to make money. After all, it’s not much different to doing AV. Getting fucked for cash is getting fucked for cash. All they need to do is to please the client rather than the director and the male pornstar! It’s actually a lot simpler and sometimes even better paid!

The Japanese call this the Fuzoku trade (風俗) and the law bends rampantly over backwards to facilitate these women to hammer fucked by rich guys, just like the Samurai and their Daimyo used to do when they wanted to fuck Pillow women!

Retired AV star Nayuka Mine explained in Weekly Playboy:-

“It is …. pretty mainstream for not-so-famous AV girls to be employed in the fuzoku trade.”

Getting fucked for money is good business! So next time you see Sumire Shiraishi in a movie, just note that Two-thirds of pornstars in Japan that retire become prostitutes! If you live in Japan and know where Sumire Shiraishi is, or is working, please let us know. We’d love to find out if she has enter the Fucking trade, or has gone back to being a lovely, nice housewife? My bet is on her getting hammer fucked every night either way. Who could possibly resist her?

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