The Mystery of Sumire Shiraishi. Was she a whore before her AV debut?

Sumire Shiraishi was clearly one of the best pornstars in Japan doing censored AV. However, we’ve been looking very closely at her movies. How is it that she is so good at her work?  We’ve noticed that she’s attentive to the director; she’s got bruise marks on her bottom indicative of lots of hot fucking over many years; she can suck cock better than even Maria Ozawa, Yui Hatano or Amami Tsubasa or any of the girls at Harder XXX Magazines (click here for a hot experience you won’t want to miss out on!) How come she’s so good at getting fucked and innocent of gangbangs, but definitely professional when she’s one-on-one even during simulated rapes?

Let’s take a closer look at this top whore from Japan!

Check out the Director

Here Sumire checks out WHAT THE DIRECTOR WANTS before she begins her first ever movie. As all pornstars whores have to do: they must please the director above all else. The fucker is only partially important. Their own enjoyment is third on the list after these two.

It’s interesting also to note that she had fuck marks on her bottom, usually bruises incurred during some heavy fucking sessions over a period of time! Why would she have this if she was brand new to porn or the sex industry and be in a sexless relationship? It makes no sense!




This could indicate she’s been getting a lot of fucking in before doing this movie? The imagination runs riot here, so let’s consider the possibilities:-

1. The whole I’m a hot mum who likes to commit adultery in a loveless marriage and I’ve got a kid is a load of shit, and really she is a hot whore who turned to porn to make several thousand dollars

2. The story of her life is roughly right, but before she got into AV she was a prostitute!

3. The story of her life is roughly right, but she’s been committing lots of adultery!

4. She was so desperate to get into AV she fucked the producer, the director and everyone else just to get the job!

5. None of these are right and the marks on her bum are nothing to do with getting fucked!

etcetera, etcetera….the possibilities are endless!

For a new girl to porn she is amazingly good at sucking cock! Look at her give her first ever cock suck to the first fucker!


What is your opinion? Comment below….

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Sumire Shiraishi probably used to get paid a few thousand dollars per movie to get fucked by male pornstars. Many of these short term contract girls don’t make a lot of money and risk being found out by their husbands.

Just imagine this lovely lady allowed 2 and 3 guys at a time to fuck her for a few thousand dollars? It’s a good way to supplement an income, but also a good way to get out of debt. Who knows why Sumire chose this path to sort herself out.

We wonder what she is doing now? Is she working? Has she become a prostitute? Is she still married? We’d love to know. Email us if you know the answer.


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Akari Tomoka – Fucked like a Whore!



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Page 3 Tits, breasts and Boobs! A British Obsession!

In London there used to be lots of newspapers that had girls semi-nude on their Page 3. But now we are in a new age of Puritanism, where women cannot be admired nude, and anyone who treats them as ladies is a sexist, potential rapist, and generally a scumbag. Well fuck modern puritanism! We like Page 3. It’s what a visit to London is all about.

There are those out there who would tell you that Page 3 girls posing topless in the Sun or Star – British tabloid newspapers – is misogynist. They say it has to stop! There are others who think that Page 3 girls posing semi-nude are ‘good role models’ who are healthy, and that the Sun isn’t sexist. The girls are smiling and are empowered!

If you were female, aged between 18 and 25, white European (mostly) and have enormous tits and a nice face and sensual figure, then you will be empowered by posing bra-less for photographers. Back in the day there was good money in it. The trick is to have 32D or 34D breasts and a tiny waist, not to be very tall, and have shapely if not perfect leg shape.

Next to the photographs of these Barbie dolls was usually a comment, allegedly by them or written about them: ‘She’s a Swinger’ was a typical comment, which when you read the smaller print outlined she liked playing tennis (probably a lie) rather than being a real ‘swinger’. ‘I’m ready to turn my hand to anything’ didn’t describe her giving you a hand job, but just help. Some even said: “You can’t expect me to have brains as well?” Yes, that’s probably the most truthful one, because once we’ve seen your tits and ass darling, we know you don’t have any brains, but you are in our, the punters eyes, cheap. Even if you had O-Levels or GCSE’s it doesn’t matter, you are still a topless tart in our eyes!

Except when we consider the various lifestyles of page 3 girls in the past. Many snorted coke like there was no tomorrow. Some became porn stars! Some even did Japanese DVD’s for Bachelor magazine in Japan, and the accompanying VHS video or the DVD with names like ‘Sex Addict’ where the girl posed for a top London photographer and a video man who was once probably a male pornstar.

Some anti- Page 3 campaigners said that the Sun newspaper created a ‘climate of fear’ and ‘silence’ over speaking out against the portrayal of women as ‘Sex objects’ in these newspapers. Bollocks. None of the punters care a bit. We just want to see the girls with their knockers nude and  rockin’. Sex sells newpapers.

Some page 3 girls like to defend page 3 by suggesting that it was all above board and topless women are not arousing. They suggested that the pictures were there to put a smile on the readers face, not make him wank himself silly. Well, why then did these same girls pose totally nude in magazines, particularly in Europe and the US, pouting as if they were gagging for it? They used to part their legs and show their pussies to the cameraman! Page 3 is essentially selling sex! It is soft core pornography.

The Sun liked to get political opinions from Page 3 girls whilst showing their tits! It was quite good fun!  But no-one they say ever read their opinions, having been too busy wanking over their tits, naked bum, pouting lips and hot leg shape!

There’s no way these girls are role models, but at the same time they are hot, horny bitches, especially the ones from the late 1980s. Go and find out about them.