Calling All Country Woman Babes 1



This is the ultimate pornstar and if Prestige had any idea of that they would be using her more and more in hot filthy scenes. As it is this is the latest offering after quite a long spell without any work! Perhaps she needed a break after all the fucking? Or was working doing something else? Who knows?

However, Prestige have changed her acting name to Iizuka Keiko and we can only now hope that she starts getting regular work. Now to the review:

Keiko (Sumire) meets a guy who gets out of taxi in a restaurant. This long scene lasts too long, but she is very beautiful so we can put up with it. Eventually he gets to do a lot of foreplay with her, she sucks his cock, then starts fucking her. It’s grinding fucking, sitting down, standing up from behind, squatting on his cock like a common slapper, and on her back fucked hard and lustfully.

When it is over she is back in a restaurant being introduced by this guy to a new guy. The new guy feels her pussy up. She looks excited and smiles a lot. She then appears in her coat on a stairwell. She opens this up to reveal her body wearing a swimsuit. The coat is removed and she starts to suck the new guys cock. She then lets him fuck her mostly from behind, like the British call dogging, standing up and on all fours. She is fully fucked. The scene ends with her looking like she’s been used like a prostitute.