DMM Interviews in English


According to her interview with DMM she started porn after 10 years of marriage, having had a daughter, and a career as an air hostess. It started when she met her first love at a school reunion and had sex with him. She felt guilty about it afterwards. Afterwards, she did a bit of masturbation but not with sex toys. She kept in touch with the ex-boyfriend but it wasn’t going anywhere. However, she was now very aware that she wanted men to treat her like a woman.

She searched out ‘MILF porn’ and found her current agency. She went to Madonna AV and admitted she was very nervous. The previous day she did her household chores, eating with her husband and daughter. But laying on her single bed she could not sleep.

The next day she was surprised to be treated like a woman, with everything including tea being taken care of. She was also surprised how lovely everyone was, and that the Director did not shout as she imagined. She described it as the ‘Princess treatment’.

She was though surprised that the interview on camera was immediately followed by sexual intercourse with a male pornstar. She said: “It felt amazing right from the beginning. My head was so empty, feeling so nervous that I did not even hear the sound around me, hence don’t remember how it all went.”

“At the beginning there was an interview scene, so I thought there would be a break and we start having sex, but we went straight in. So, I do remember I was shocked because I could not prepare myself. ”

In this movie she was given a solid fuck in various positions. She was quite experienced as she had already had 10 men (dating 10 men in the past) the 6th one giving her much more knowledge of sexual intercourse, foreplay etc.



In the second scene got really into the movie and was a lot more relaxed. She really enjoyed this scene. She also got a lot more active and lightheaded. The interview doesn’t mention the third scene which is really hot and she is solidly fucked.

Sumire Shiraishi says she prefers manly guys, who are older than her, in their 50s – thought she ‘doesn’t care about this so much’ (she’s only 38 years old). She doesn’t care so much about their looks.

When asked if she is a sadist or a masochist she replies that she is a masochist i.e. someone who gets sexual gratification depending on them suffering physical pain, humiliation, degradation, and is submissive.

She enjoys long foreplay, with some conversation, and doesn’t enjoy silent sexual intercourse. She likes comments like ‘look it’s getting wet’ and ‘where does it feel good?’ These turn her on.

She prefers missionary position, but doesn’t mind doggie style or cowgirl. In the latter position she likes to look at the man’s face during sex as it is an expression only she gets to see. This turns her on!

With her ex-boyfriends she has had experience in baths and on balconies, fucking like a rabbit no doubt by looking at her latest movie. On the balcony where people would be watching she got pleasure from the torture of not being able to make a sound, again part of her masochist kinkiness.

Her marriage was just about the timing – when she thought it was time to get married. She loves her husband as much as her boyfriends.

This AV pornstar though is fucking around now in movies with 1 man, then 2 at a time, then 3 whilst another 2 watch her getting fucked. Yet she is still married and looking after her child and husband.


The interviewer: Takehiko Sawaki asked her about her charms? She said it was her flexibility, and soft body. Apparently it feels good touching her body and hugging her as she is very soft. Sawaki also noted her marshmellow voice which was a turn on in its own right.

In the interviewer’s postscript he said that she has a slow tone, captivating smile of a mature woman, though she was shy, and he wondered what type of pornstar she would become?